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Senthoora Poove

Senthoora Poove

Genres : drama
Actors : Ranjith Sree Nithi
Directors : Abdul kabeez
Country : India
Duration : 22 mins
Quality : SD
Released : 2020
Duraisingam, a rich man and widower having 2 daughters namely Kani and Kayal. He lives with his family. His wife dies during the birth of her second girl child Kayal. Durai refuses to marry another girl though forced by his mother and sister, Bargampriyaal. Meanwhile Durai's maternal uncle plans to get his daughter Aishwarya married to Durai so that they can have all the wealth of Durai. But Durai denies pointing out the age difference between them and promises her to find a better match. Aishwarya is disappointed because of this. Roja joins the school as Kayal's class teacher. Kayal belives her to be her mother because of the similar appearances of Roja like her mother Annam as seen in photo and gets close to her. Roja elopes with her love, Anbu. But Roja's uncle kills Anbu and gets Roja back to home and creates a drama to get her married to Durai. But she refuses. Durai later on agrees to marry Roja as per his mother and sister's request.
RATING [14 votes]



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